Classes & Workshops

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Upcoming Class Series

Reset Yourself: the Alexander Technique in Life
Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00pm, October 10-November 14
This 6 class series includes one private lesson.
Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center

Ongoing/Drop-In Classes

4:00pm–Warm Yoga at Move. Pilates & Yoga

10:30am–Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center (membership required)

4:00pm–Pilates Mat at State Farm Corporate South (SF employees only)

4:00pm–Pilates Mat at State Farm Corporate South (SF employees only)
6:00pm–Yoga at The Yoga Studio

Remote Mindful Walking
Take a walk with me on your phone as I guide you toward better movement and a clearer mind (earbuds recommended). No need to go somewhere else to take a walk, start wherever you are. Walk with me mindfully, joyfully and with growing freedom.

Sound Healing & Meditation
Let the amazing harmonics of Himalayan singing bowls help quiet your thoughts and clear your mind. These bowls evoke a peace unlike any other and listening to them live is a unique experience. As your mind clears your body becomes more restful and can work on healing itself, without your interference of over-tension. Let go and take a great trip in your mind.