Reclaim your personal power and transform pain into freedom

Pain freakin’ sucks. Pain can also be a damn good teacher, if you know how to learn the lesson. But many people I meet are stuck in their pain. Back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, pain pain PAIN! AHHH!

Get out of your pain. Move beyond it.

I just received this beautiful statement this morning:

Ian is truly a healing artist. In just one session, Ian not only helped me identify the emotional states and triggers that aggravate my chronic back pain, he also coached me through the process of “letting go” of the resultant muscle tension. Some of the knots in my muscles have been there for over a decade, and with Ian’s gentle, warm guidance, for the first time in my life I found that I could relax and dismantle those knots on my own. With just his voice and the occasional guiding touch, Ian made me feel like I had just had the best massage of my life (without even getting a massage)—and gave me the tools to really help manage my pain on my own, no matter where I am.

How gorgeous is that? I particularly love the power she now has to affect her own experience and create her own change. Her pain no longer traps her.

She accurately describes what we’ll do in the class series Reset Yourself: the Alexander Technique in Life at Main Street Yoga starting this Saturday, March 10. I’ll guide you to understand yourself more clearly, what’s actually happening in your body, how you’re reacting to life, physically and mentally, that’s contributing to your pain or holding you back from fully living and how to release it.

If you’re sensitive or inquisitive then this series is for you. We’ll dive deep. We’ll get sophisticated. You’ll connect deeply to your own body. This isn’t just a fluff idea, it’s an actual physical experience you can understand and control. You’re with yourself all the time, wouldn’t it be nice to have some control over what’s happening to you?

Are you straining your neck as you read this? You can let that go. Are you straining your mind to figure out what I’m talking about? You can let that go too. It’s ok. Doesn’t that feel good?

Come find out just how good you can feel.

Discover the exquisite, sophisticated power you have in your own body, no matter your age.

Join me at Main Street Yoga for Reset Yourself: the Alexander Technique in Life starting this Saturday, March 10 at 11am. This is a 6-session group class on Saturdays and includes one private session with me. Sign up here.

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