A short meditation focusing on anxiety and stress (audio)

Sometimes you need another voice to cut through the anxiety-producing chatter of your own mind. Start telling yourself some good things by listening to this 5-minute mediation/visualization:


This recording came out of a tough day. I had a quite the roller coaster of an emotional day yesterday. I actually got into bed at 8:30pm because I was so mentally and physically exhausted from the stress of the day. I didn’t sleep well and woke up at 2am, tense and nervous. I stayed in bed until 3 and then finally got up and went into our living room and sat in a chair. With my eyes closed I felt the tension, like sharp electric jolts, run throughout my body. Though I was still tired my mind was full of jumbled, confusing and loud thoughts. I felt like I was speeding out of control. Then a new voice emerged out of the cacophony. A calmer voice, a voice that said what I was feeling was ok. It was my voice. My voice that’s kind. And this was the meditation I gave myself.

Now I appreciate the experiences I had. They gave me a better and more empathetic understanding of anxiety and fear. And that empathy toward myself helps me better connect to the people I work with too. When you’re in the “worst” emotional state and are more likely to be hard on yourself, that’s really when you need the most empathy and love.

How does that strike you?