New Class Series in February–Transforming Your Body and Mind

Are you interested in building a stronger and longer lasting friendship with your body?
Interested in developing yourself as a whole person—body, mind and emotions?
Would you like better control of your body?
Would you like to live more fully in your being?
Do you feel physically or emotionally stuck?
Do you enjoy exploring?

If those sound pretty good then you’ll want to join me on February 2 for a 6-week course on Transforming Your Body and Mind with the Alexander TechniqueExploring self-work in a group can be a wonderful experience. Seeing change occur in others can help you understand the changes happening in yourself and the changes you’d like to happen. Hearing the experiences and thoughts of others in the group can help broaden your views and get you out of your own head and foster more kindness and patience toward yourself.

This course is at the Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center in Bloomington, Illinois. We’ll meet for 6 Fridays, beginning February 2, from 9:30-10:30am. The 6-week course also includes one private session with me!* If you’d like to know more about the course and see if it’s right for you, contact me directly. If you’re already on board you can register by contacting the Fitness Center at 309-433-9355 or

When I’m reading about classes and workshops I usually like to know who the workshop is for and who it’s not for. If you find that helpful too, here you go. This workshop is probably not for you if:
—you’re impatient (unless that’s something you want to work on, then this will be a great challenge for you)
—you’re not interested in examining your thoughts about yourself
—you’re looking for a quick fix (often dramatic changes do happen quickly in this work, but this workshop is focused on long-term tools and benefits)
—you don’t want to change right now (even if you think it might benefit you to change, it only works well if you’re ready and willing)

I hope to see you there!

*The entire 6-week course, including the private session, costs $210 for the general public and $180  for members of the Fitness Center.

How does that strike you?