Make Your Body Awesome, Because It Is

I’m amazed at how dull and bland we make the world. It saddens me to see how we’ve taken things that could be wonderful and made them mundane. Why do we do this? Why not let in excitement instead? Why not invite in excitement? Why not evoke it? Why give into the mundane?

I’m writing this while sitting on a plane, watching my fellow passengers find their seats, put away their bags and pull out their phones, nary a look of excitement on any face, including my own. Is flying in an aircraft so boring? How can flying through the air be mundane? I see in myself a developed belief that it wasn’t “cool” to be excited over everyday things. And then that belief grew in such strength that I didn’t even see it as a choice anymore; it just became a way of living.

Don’t give in to that belief! Don’t give in to the belief that things are ordinary, that they don’t have magic, just because you encounter them regularly. Holy schlamoly! I’m flying through the air now! How is this even possible? This is incredible!

Speaking of incredible things, do you know how amazing your body is? How amazing is it that you can even move?! Don’t fall into that trap of thinking it’s ordinary! Let out that inner child who was in awe of the world and of themselves. Look, you’re moving! It’s incredible! Don’t let your pain or your anxiety or your stress take that away from you. Don’t let your pain make you believe you’re ordinary! You are a wonder!


How does that strike you?